Arpéfor, Chief of the Tizians


Chief of the Tizians, Lord of the House of Arminos

Date of Birth


Date of Death

1092 (aged 71)










History of Arpéfor

Arpéfor was born as the son of a Captain named Arpénos. In 1025 he got a sister named Arpélonia. Until 1039 nothing was special about Arpéfor's life, he helped his uncle with his farms and he lived in a decent house, near the city Ar-Og. But in 1039 Arpélonia was recommanded for a marriage with Prince Haran IX by Queen Armenia. And when in 1040 they were married Arpénos became a friend of the King and an important General of the Kingdom. In 1041 Harifia was born, daughter to the prince and Arpélonia. Arpéfor refused to marry a woman of nobility and was exiled for this by his father. He was allowed to remain at court thanks to Armandar, nephew to Armenos. And from him he received military training.

On the run

In 1045 North-Wildland was attacked by Emperor Firnar of Anglaria. Arpéfor was in the chambers of Armandar, speaking with Armanda, whom he secretly loved, when the palace was attacked. The King and all Generals were ready for battle with their vast armies, surrounding the palace. The Emperor won and the King was slain. When the emperor's army entered the palace Arpéfor, Armanda and Armandar went to Arpélonia, Haran IX and Harifia and they tried to escape the masacre. Among others were Northam, Northa and Ifhora and Hofran, Orgiza and Horgan. They were discovered by General Alghín and he commanded his soldiers to kill them all. Hofran, Armandar and Haran IX fought them but all died. Arpélonia, Northa and Ifhora were also killed and Orgiza was captured. The survivors fled to a cave in Longmountains and they weren't discovered. They lived with other people, including soldiers who had fled the capitol. For a while Arpéfor led these people, but Horgan, male-line descendant of King Haran III Magnus disagreed with his position. He believed that he should be crowned the new king. In 1046 Arpéfor married Armanda and in 1047 their son Thoran was born.

Horgan's Wildland

In 1050 Emperor Firnar was killed. In 1052 Thorné was born.