The AthlonEdit

The Athlon are the the ten creators of the World. They are by ranked by power

First Rank

- Ormalogines, Lord of Earth, Rock and Stone, High King of the Athlon (deceased)

- Sorceran, Lord of Destruction, Patience and Darkness

- Galwalan, Lady of the Sky, Lady of Light, Queen of the Athlon

Second Rank

- Aréonar, Lord of Fire, Forgery and the Sun

- Ifthín, Lady of Water, the Sea and the Moon

- Aldoran, Lord of Death and Balance

- Zarach, Lord of Life and Prophecy

Third Rank

- Marstor, Lord of Mercy, Wisdom and Healing

- Yrgúnra, Lady of Flora and Fauna

- Damos, Lord of Harvest and Cattle

- Targhor, Lord of Strength and Weaponry

- Kíra, Lady of Love and Beauty


Aréonar & Ifthín

Yrgúnra & Damos

Targhor & Kíra

History of the AthlonEdit

3 Billion years before the coming of the Elves the Athlon created the world. The tasks were divided: Ormalogines created the planets and mountains on them. Galwalan created the skies and winds and lighted the Sun and put it in the sky. Aréonar helped building the planets and created the sun. Ifthín created the Sea's and rivers and worked closely with Ormalogines. Yrgúnra created the animals and the plants. To some of these animals Galwalan gave wings and the ability to fly. The last of the Creators is Sorceran, who undid many of the Athlon's works, he created the shadow and night to undo the light.