Dirgon I, King of Anglaria


Prince of Anglaria, Crownprince of Anglaria, Senator of the Anglarian Senate, Secretary of the President, Emperor of Anglaria (unused and unclaimed), King of Anglaria, Marduin, Orondia and Wildland (unused and unclaimed), Grand Duke of Anglaria and Firia, Duke of Irgalon, Argon and Afon, Earl of Ofir, Efir and Alon, Chancellor of the Privy Council

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

1st of January, 1050 (aged 22, r. 31 years)

Date of Death

1081 (aged 54)





Gildon I






Firnar I


Gildon I

History of DirgonEdit

Early LifeEdit

Dirgon was born in 1027 as the son of Firnar, crownprince of Anglaria and Almira of the House of Aldan. Through his father he was a male-line descendant of High King Anglar. Dirgon's paternal grandfather was King Efir and his maternal grandfather was Almir, Lord of the House of Aldan and a great politician. Dirgon was named after his grandfather's paternal grandfather Dirgon, who was President of the Anglarian Senate. In 1034 Efir went to war against Xanidirion and won, but he died in battle. Firnar succeeded him as King. Dirgon then became the crownprince, he was just seven years old at that time.

During his father's ReignEdit

In 1035 Dirgon was made Secretary of the President by his father, which he could only use as a title, since he was much to young to actually do the job. In 1041 Firnar took the title of Emperor. In 1045 Firnar attacked Wildland and killed most of the North-Wildmen royal family. In 1048 Dirgon married Aero, daughter of Aerad. In 1049 Dirgon conspired with the other senators about killing the emperor. They did so on the first day of the new year.


Dirgon was then crowned King of Anglaria. Dirgon then made Harthan General of the Anglarian Army, as well as Grand Duke of Marduin. Only one year later Marduin is attacked by King Horgan of Wildland who sent 25.500 men to Harthan. Who won the battle slaying all but less than a thousand with the loss of only 8.500 of his 12.500 men army. Dirgon then made him Marshal. Dirgon, Harthan and the new President Aerad then made a pact of friendship and alliance. In 1052 Dirgon's daughter Dirga was born and in 1054 Dirgon's son Gildon was born. In 1060 the new King of Wildland Vapurnius attacked Marduin and Orondia. In Orondia he won but Harthan defeated him in Marduin. Dirgon asked High King Mirond to help him in the war against Vapurnius. Mirond did and Vapurnius was defeated, slain by Harthan. Orgnor then became the new king of Wildland.