Farma, Queen of Marduin


Princess of Anglaria, Queen Regnant of Marduin, Lady of Istit, Duchess of Orondia

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

1017 (aged 11, r. 17 years)

Date of Death

1034 (aged 29)










Firgon II



History of FarmaEdit

Early LifeEdit

Farma was born during the rule of Firgon I, her grandfather who is King of Anglaria and Marduin. She was the daughter of Crownprince Farmon and Crownprincess, Néra of the House of Uldor. She also had a brother named Firgon, named after her grandfather. In 1015 when Farma was only 10 years old King Firgon I died and her father Farmon became King. During his rule Anglaria is attacked by Darkdale and North-Wildland. Farmon dies during this attack. Firgon II succeeds him, but after 13 months he too dies in battle and since Firgon has no issue and no brothers or cousins in the royal line and Farma was only 11, a great discussion about succession began in the Senate. During this discussion the Mardrim people made Farma their Queen Regnant of Marduin, Lady of Istit. President Efir, a distant cousin of Farma became the new King of Anglaria. The people of the the duchy of Orondia also wanted Farma as their ruler and they removed their Duke in favor of her and Orondia became part of the Kingdom, as the duchy of Orondia, which then became a separate state under Farma's autority. Marshal Nilmor taught Farma about ruling a country and he taught her the Mardrim language.


In 1023 Firnar, son of King Efir of Anglaria proposed to Farma, while she was in Anglaria, claiming he was madly in love with her. Farma refused stating that she wouldn't marry a man she didn't love and that she couldn't marry the crownprince of another country, forcing her country to unite with his. Firnar was broken by this. Shortly after Farma met Halmor, Nilmor's son and they became friends. Farma invited Halmor to come to her court and when he came they fell in love with each other. They were married a year later and another year later their son Harthan was born.