Galwalan, Lady of Light


Lady of the Sky, Wind and Birds, Lady of Light, Queen of the Athlon

Date of Birth

Before the Creation of the World

Year ascended to the throne

Before Creation of Earth

Date of Death


Realms ruled



Ormalogines (Formerly)








Powers of the Athlon

Histroy of GalwalanEdit

Around 3 billion years before the coming of the elves Galwalan and the other Athlon created the World. She was the second most powerful of all the Athlon and sister to the dark Sorceran, of whom she is the equal. She also is the spouse of Ormalogines, High King of the Athlon, making her the Queen of the Athlon.

After two billion years of peace and happiness, Ormalogines and Sorceran began to rebel against the other Athlon and the Athlon got divided into two groups: The Dark Lord Cult and The Council of the Athlon. Galwalan led The Council of the Athlon and she wanted that the Council became the supreme head of power instead of Ormalogines as High King (and Dark Emperor of the Dark Lords). But the other Athlon were still loyal to their king. Until Ormalogines began claiming the Dwarves as his servants. Then Aréonar, Lord of Fire, Forgery and the Sun, Creator of the Dwarves, agreed with her they should react to him.

Then the first war began. And it was during this war the First Battle of the Dragons occured. During this battle the Dragons fought each other on the fields of the world and so did the dwarves. The Goblins, creatures created by Ormalogines and Sorceran almost killed all of the Dwarves fighting for the Council. While Galwalan was fighting her husband the great three-headed dragon Izkûghír appeared. The battle between Izkûghír and Galwalan was the main reason for the splitting of the continents. In the end Ormalogines was defeated and all the Athlon attacked him at the same time. This weakened his entire being.