Haran IV, Chancellor of the Union of North-Wildland


Chief of the Migians, Chancellor of the Union of North-Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

964 (aged 47)




Haran V





Anglarian-Wildmen, Migian


Chief: Haran III

Chancellor: Karthazar


Chief: Haran V

History of Haran IVEdit

Early LifeEdit

Haran IV was born in Ar-Mig as the son of Chief Haran I of the Migians and Orta. Through his father Haran was descended of the Ifars, a family that had once ruled Anglaria and through the Ifars he was a descended of Anglar himself. In 920 Haran's sister Faria was born and six years later his brother Lorfar. In 937 when Haran was 20 years old he married Tirkia, who was the sister of a chief. In 939 their son Haran V is born and in 943 their daughter Harfia. In 954 Haran's father Haran died and Haran IV's brother-in-law Karthazar became the new Chancellor.

Rule and DeathEdit

In 955 Karthazar was poisoned by Faria and Haran IV was made Chancellor Haran II. In 960 Haran V married Talmalika, daughter of an Orondian Earl. In 962 their son Haran VI was born. In 964 Haran IV finally led an assault on South-Wildland. But the 60 years old Lord-Chief of South-Wildland Orgarian didn't come with an army. He just came to talk to Haran IV. He explained about his father's death and the hiss father's betrayel to the Ifarian family and how he resented that. They then made peace. The new Portian Chief, Haran IV's nephew, son of Faria and Karthazar, Kargin heard this he attacked Orgarian and pierced him with his sword, resulting in Orgarian's death. Haran IV called him a fool, knowing the war would continue now. In a response Kargin attacked him, but Haran IV was stronger and killed him. Some Portian soldiers then attacked Haran and killed him. Haran V succeeded him as Chief and Chancellor as Haran III.