Haran V, Chancellor of the Union of North-Wildland


Chief of the Migians, Chancellor of the Union of North-Wildland

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

974 (aged 75, r. 7 years)

Date of Death

982 (aged 42)




Haran VI






Haran IV as Chancellor

None as King


Haran VI as Chancellor

Igom as King

History of Haran I of North-WildlandEdit

Early LifeEdit

Haran was born in the year 939 as the son of Haran IV and Tirkia. In 943 his sister Harfia was born. In 960 Haran married Talmalika, the sister of a Chief. In 962 their son Haran VI was born. In 963 Harfia married Igof the direct male descendant of Ifar II. The next year their son Igom is born. The next year Haran IV dies in an attempt to forge an alliance with South-Wildland and Haran is made Chief an Chancellor.


In 972 Haran attempts to find allies in his new war against South-Wildland. He ran into a demon, while riding through the desert. This demon spoke to him about the power, and generosity of his master, Sorceran. Haran went with him to find Sorceran, but they travelled through Naling and were discovered by elves, who bound the demon to a tree using sacred ropes, until the sun came up burning the demon to his death. Haran V was brought to High King Mirond. They spoke of the matter and Mirond wanted to ask a Mathlon what to do with him. But Haran told him he was the Chancellor of the Union of North-Wildland, meaning killing him meant war. Mirond then released him, but he was not given a horse. He now had to travel by foot and he came to the valley of Darkdale. There he was captured by Goblins and brought to Xanidirion.

Xanidirion's influenceEdit

Xanidirion allowed Haran to live as long as he would ally himself with him. Haran agreed and he was brought home in 974 by an army of goblins, trolls and demons, while riding a dragon. People from then on feared Haran, for he now became a tyrant. He allowed the goblins to live in the lands which had once belonged to the Migians, near the mountains, where they founded a settlement. Haran gave his position of Chief and Chancellor to his son and he was crowned King of North-Wildland. The position of Chancellor was now just a secretarial position. The Chiefs no longer had any power and all of the Wildmen of the North were united under one lord. Some other Chiefs raised armies but they were all defeated by the goblins.


In 982 Haran was murdered by his nephew, Igom, who also took his position of King. The year 982 became known as the year of the four rulers, the first being Haran V, the second Igom, the third Baldazar and the fourth Haran II.