Haran IV, King of North-Wildland


Chief of the Migians, King of North-Wildland

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

1034 (aged 32, r. 11 years)

Date of Death

1045 (aged 43)




Haran IX







History of Haran VIIIEdit

Early LifeEdit

Haran VIII was born as the son of Prince Haran VII and Parnola. In 1008 he got a sister named Ifhora and in 1011 a brother named Hofran. In 1013 Haran's grandfather Haran VI died and Haran VII became King Haran III Magnus. In 1021 Haran married Armenia, the daughter of General Armenos. The next year their son Haran IX is born. In 1023 Haran's father the King aided King Efir with his war against South-Wildland. Haran was inspired by this and joint the army in 1025. In 1026 Haran's second son Arhan was born. Also his sister Ifhora married Northar and in 1027 their daughter Northa was born.In 1029 two children are born, Haran's third son Sorhan and Ifhora's son Northam. During that same year the Alliance attacked Darkdale. The South-Wildmen Orgizor II joint them, as a token of friendship he gave his daughter's hand in marriage to Hofran. They were married in 1030 and in 1032 their son Horgan was born. In 1034 the seige of Darkdale came to an end with the victory for the Alliance. But in stead of marching into the valley they retreated, since most of their lords had died, including King Haran III Magnus and Armenos. Haran VIII was then crowned King Haran IV.

Reign and DeathEdit

In 1036 the neighbouring country of South-Wildland got a new Lord-Chief, Vapurnius who called himself King of the Wildmen. Haran knew what this meant, war. So he strenthened the defences. In 1040 Haran IX married Arpélonia, daugther of Arpénos, son of Arponthos, son of Argonthos, brother of Arkantos, who was Armenos' father. In 1041 their daughter Harifia was born. In 1045 Arhan married Arporga, daughter of Arganthos, son of Arponthos. In 1045 North-Wildland was attacked by Emperor Firnar of Anglaria. He intended to destroy the Ifarian family and the wildmen nobility. Among the slain were King Haran himself and his sons, but also General Northar, Ifhora and their daughter Northa, also all descendants from Arkantos were killed, save for Arpéfor, brother to Arpélonia, but also Harifia and they fled together with Northam and Horgan.