Khaios, Dark Lord


Knight of Aréonar, Minion of Sorceran, Herald of the High King, Dark Lord, General of Darkdale

Date of Birth

Around 1.500.000 before 0

Year ascended to the throne


Date of Death







Winged Mathlon, Dark Lords




Powers of the Dark Lords, Dark Ring

History of KhaiosEdit

Life with the AthlonEdit

Khaios was born at the moment the creation of earth had completed with all the other Mathlon. The Mathlon were then divided among the Athlon and Khaios became the servant of Aréonar and Sorceran. Khaios became very familiar with the destructive power of fire and Sorceran taught him that he could become more powerful than any other Mathlon by using his powers to rise to more political power. Ormalogines, High King of the Athlon offered Khaios the highest position of all Mathlon. He did so because he had seen Khaios' exceptional strength which he believed might be able to match an Athlon. Khaios was then awarded wings by Galwalan, being the second, after Mastrok to do so. He was then crowned Herald of the High King. While serving the Athlon Khaios met the rebellious Mathlon, Omnikos. Khaios was sent to destroy him but he captured him instead, knowing that in due time he would prove useful. Khaios felt a great hatred for Mastrok. Mastrok was Galwalan's favourite, together witht the Lady Oparnia, who only recently had become a winged Mathlon. This led into a fight once and Sorceran protected Khaios and almost destroyed Mastrok. Galwalan was so angry because of this she had Sorceran banished from Earth. Ormalogines however refused this and he placed Sorceran on his side.

Serving OrmaloginesEdit

Ormalogines became corrupted and created many horrible creatures to live on Earth. This threatened the creatures who already were there, the Dwarves, created by Aréonar