Northam, Duke of North-Wildland


Lieutenant of North-Wildland

Date of Birth


Date of Death

1052 (aged 23)









History of Northam

Early Life

Northam was born in 1029 as the son of the great general Northar and Princess Ifhora of North-Wildland. He had three older siblings, a half-brother, named Norhan, a half-sister named Norphia and a sister named Northa. Since Ifhora was his mother, he was the grandson to King Haran III Magnus. He was third in line for the throne, after his cousin, Haran IX and his uncle Hofran. In 1044 the 15 years old Northam secretely married Arporga, the daughter of Arpéfod and cousin to Arpéfor. In 1045 their son Northon was born. Just a month after the birth of the boy Wildland was attacked by Emperor Firnar of Anglaria. He killed most of the royal family including Northam's father. Ifhora was captured and executed.

Life in Exile

The last members of the royal family and some villagers of Ar-Mig fled to the caves in the Longmountains, to the east of Ar-Mig. Arpéfor, uncle to princess Harifia became their leader. They lived in exile until 1050 when Firnar was killed. Horgan, son of Hofran then claimed the throne.


In 1052 Northam fought in the battle in Marduin against Harthan and there he died. His son Northon married Harifia at the age of 16 in the year 1060, at the dawn of the reign of King Orgnor.