Orgast II, Lord-Chief of South-Wildland


Lord-Chief of South-Wildland

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

964 (aged 43, r. 2 years)

Date of Death

966 (aged 45)
















History of Orgast IIEdit

Early LifeEdit

Orgast II was born as the son of Orgarian, 2nd Lord-Chief of South-Wildland. His paternal grandparents were Orgast I, 1st Lord-Chief of South-Wildland and Lady Argonia, of the House of Aldan. In 927 his sister Orgaria was born. In 939 Orgast married Salmaya, the daughter of the High Priest of Zarghín, Salmaryon. In 940 his son Orglist was born and 2 years later his daughter Orgaznia. In 947 his last child and second daughter Orgnartia is born. In 950 Orgast's sister and her son are killed by the army of the Union of the Anglin. Orgast's uncle Orgizor led the army that attacked the army of the Union. Orgizor died in battle, but the battle was won anyway by his son Orgfin. Orgfin's son, Orgfaen, was then engaged to Orgida, Orgaria's daughter and Orgast's niece. Orgast and Orgfin became good friends and Orgfin came in favor with his uncle Lord-Chief Orgarian. In 952 Orgfin discovered that Taldor and Orgonia and were involved with the Union of the Anglin and intended to tell Orgarian, but before he could, he was poisoned to death by Orgonia, his own aunt. Orgarian then understood who were responsible for the deaths of both his daughter and her family and of Orgfin. In 955 he tricked and killed Orgonia and Taldor, but only captured their son Frorgian. In 961 Valgor an old General and the Chief of the Trisii stated that he was the leader of the Union of the Anglin. Meanwhile Frizian went to Orgizia, Orgfin's sister, who was taking care of her nephew. Frizian murdered her husband Rigor and then tried to kill her, but he was killed by Orgfaen. Valgor was then killed by Frizian's son Frozor and his own son Valmor, who wanted a new generation to lead the Union. In 962 Orgast became a grandfather twice, firstly to his son's son Orgarfior and secondly to his eldest daughter's son Tortizifor.

Reign and DeathEdit

In 964 Orgarian was killed by Kargin, a North-Wildmen, during the signing of a peace-treaty by Orgarian and Haran IV. Orgast II was then made Lord-Chief. After two years of reign there were rebels in the lands of the Trisii who wanted an audiance with their souvereign. Orgast agreed and in front of him stood Frozor, son of Frizian. He told him that he had to sign either his resign or a declaration of war. Orgast did neither. Frozor then killed him and then a battle commenced, most of Orgast's guard joint Frozor, but one messenger went to Orglist who heard of his father's death and immediately fled to Kaz-Arkîk where he became the new Lord-Chief and where he prepared for battle.