Orgid, King of Wildland


Lord-Chief of South-Wildland, King of Wildland

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

1107 (aged 24, r. 27 years)

Date of Death

1134 (aged 51)











Haran V of Wildland



History of OrgidEdit

Early LifeEdit

Orgid was born as the son of already desceaced King Orgnor and Queen Thorné. The new king, King Haran V of Wildland adopted him as his son and heir. In 1090 he even married Thorné just so Orgid would be most likely to succeed him. In 1100 Orgid attended High King Mirond's birthday with the King and his Anglarian family members. In 1104 Horgoth came with Thoran to the king. He told the King that Horgoth was the son of Horgan and therefore a much more suitable heir than Orgid. Haran didn't want to hear about it. He also told Haran who murdered the children of Orgnor, Harifia, Haran's mother. Haran then abdicated in 1107 in favor of Orgid.


In 1113 Orgid married Horqui, Horfion's daughter. In 1116 their son Orghon was born and in 1118 their daughter Orpopna. In 1120 Horfion attacked Kaz-Arkik, but both Orgid and Haran fought them and in the end defeated them. Horfion and Horgion died there. Horqui then asked for a divorce. Orgid said this was politics and if she wanted to be part of the upper class of society then she would have to deal with it. Horqui then stayed with him. Haran stepped down as Chancellor of North-Wildland, because he didn't ensure the peace. In 1124 Haran X had become a drunk. He made Horaen, daughter of Horgion, great-granddaughter to Horgoth pregnant. Knowing that he failed to destroy the Haranian line he committed suicide in 1125, but did state that he recognised the child. That same year his son was born, Haran XI Horgan. Orgid adopted Haran as his son and he made him second heir to the throne, after his own son Orghon. In 1130 Glig attacked Wildland and coquered almost all of the southern regions. Only Kaz-Arkik was spared. He then built a city and named in Ar-Glig. In 1134 Orgid tried to reconquer these lands and died trying. He was succeeded by his son Orghon.