Orgnor, King of Wildland


Lord-Chief of South-Wildland, King of Wildland

Date of Birth


Year ascended to the throne

1060 (aged 27, r. 23 years)

Date of Death

1083 (aged 50)






Orgoth with Okniga

Orgnom with Okniga

Orgnada with Okniga

Orgafa with Arporga

Orgúfna with Arporga

Porgnof with Arporga

Porgúr with Arporga

Orgid with Thorné








Haran V of Wildland

History of Orgnor

Early Life

Orgnor was born in 1033 as the son of Orgir and Norphia. He had an older half-brother named Orgman. In 1034 Orgnor's grandfather Orgad fought in the Seige of Darkdale, where he died. Orgir then became Lord-Chief of South-Wildland. But this reign was shortlived, for in 1036 Orgir was killed by Vapurnius, who then became the new Lord-Chief, but he claimed the title King of the Wildmen. But this reign too, was shortlived for the new Lord-Chief Orgizor then took control once again, but was slain by Vapurnius. His son Orgfin then succeeded him. In 1045 Emperor Firnar of Anglaria attacked South-Wildland and Orgfin led him conquer it. He then also conquered North-Wildland. His reign lasted until 1050 when he was murdered. Horgan, son of Hofran, son of Haran III Magnus and Orgiza, daughter of Orgizor then claimed the throne of all Wildland, and after he killed Orgfin and Orgman, it was given to him. This was once again a short reign for Vapurnius returned in 1052 and killed Horgan, who was hated by all wildmen by this time. Vapurnius then made Orgnor the new Lord-Chief. He had already married Orgnor's mother Norphia in 1045, but she had died in 1048 in childbirth when their son Vapurnion was born. In 1053 Orgnor married Okniga, the daughter of an officer. In 1054 their son Orgoth and in 1056 Orgnom were born. In 1059 their daughter Orgnada was born, but Okniga died in childbirth. Later that year Vapurnius attacked Anglaria, but he was didn't win and was later defeated and slain by Harthan on the plains near the Dragonmountains. Vapurnion fled and Vapurnius' mother Oparnia was killed by High King Mirond of the Elves. Orgnor was then crowned King of Wildland.


Orgnor started his reign with making Arpéfor Chancellor of North-Wildland, until Harifia would have a son old enough to bear that title. In 1060 Orgnor married Arporga, cousin to Arpéfor and the previous wife of Horgan. In 1061 she gave him a daughter named Orgafa and in 1063 a daughter named Orgúfna. In 1066 their twin sons Porgnof and Porgúr were born. In 1073 Arporga died after five years of illness. In 1076 he married the 24 years old daugther of Arpéfor, Thorné. But for a long time she didn't give him any children. In 1079 Orgafa married Gildon, prince of Anglaria. In 1080 their twin sons Glig and Gilzor were born. In 1081 King Dirgon of Anglaria died and Gildon became the new king.


In 1083 Thorné finally became with child, but Orgnor became sick and died, before his child was born. Then all his children, living in Wildland were murdered. People said by Arpéfor, but this was never proven. Haran X then succeeded him as King Haran V.